🇮🇹Born in Rome - Italy, LEOPARD STRASS emerged as a rhinestone brand dedicated to delivering luxurious quality at an affordable cost.

With a rich background in the performing arts, specifically dancing, we at LEOPARD STRASS understand precisely what is needed in a rhinestone for performance,quality and style.

💎 Quality

Our approach to offering luxurious rhinestones at an accessible price involves using high-quality glass. 

Striving to match the quality of crystal rhinestones, we focus on using the finest and purest glass, combined with exceptionally precise cutting techniques and vibrant color brilliance.



  • Our most popular option, the Classico, strikes an ideal balance between quality and cost. 
  • These rhinestones feature 12-14 facets and are crafted from superior raw materials, ensuring both beauty and affordability.

Classico Lite

  • The Classico Lite is our budget-friendly alternative, perfect for those with tighter financial constraints
  • Similar to the Classico, these also have 12-14 facets, but with a slight compromise in quality to maintain affordability.

Nero Elite

  • The pinnacle of our collection, the Nero Elite, boasts 16 facets with a distinctive star cut. 
  • Utilizing the same high-grade materials as the Classico but with enhanced precision and stricter quality control, the Nero Elite offers unparalleled excellence and sophistication.


  • Jellystones stand apart primarily due to their material composition. Made from resin, these stones are significantly more cost-effective and lighter than their glass counterparts, providing a versatile and economical option.
  • Another characteristic of Jellystones is their transparency, a feature that sets them apart from traditional rhinestones, which often have a foil backing. This transparency allows the color of the underlying surface to show through, adding a unique dimension to their appearance.
  • These stones come in two varieties: 'clear' or transparent colors, and 'solid' colors. The clear Jellystones allow light to pass through, creating a luminous effect that blends with the underlying material's color. Solid colored Jellystones, however, are opaque and provide a bold, consistent color that stands out on any surface.
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Other Embellishments

In addition to our rhinestone models, we offer a range of other embellishing items to enhance your creative projects:

Sew-On Stones

  • Same exceptional quality in regards to materials and precision as our Classico range. Larger stones with holes for sewing. 
  • These are perfect for adding a durable sparkle, richness and depth. They also allow for a more dynamic and textured appearance when using smaller rhinestones.


  • These are reflective pieces that add a mirror-like shine and reflection. Constructed from Acrylic, they still produce a strong sparkle. 
  • Their unique shape and reflective properties offer a very different effect compared to rhinestones and sew on stones


  • Imitation pearls that come in both the classic pearlescent effect and a matt finish. 
  • Various colours and sizes to choose from. Pearls are also made from resin or plastic material.


  • Same exceptional quality regarding materials and precision as our Classico range, but with a pointed back. Their unique shape enhance their ability to brilliantly reflect light. 
  • Unlike flatbacks, Chatons are typically not glued. Instead are set into metal clasps or embedded in padded materials, such as in settings for rings, necklaces, or brooches.